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Friday Bird Droppings

Why would O's fans not be in favor of signing Vlad? | Baltimore Sports Report
BSR takes a look at the opinions of Valdimir Guerrero by Camden Crazies, Dempsey's Army, and our own Andrew_G. Pilson seems to like the idea of Vlad as an O but doesn't really take a hard stance.

Padres Sign Riley, Kielty, Newhan |'s Corey Brock tweeted that the Padres signed that above players to minor league deals. In case we're not clear, that's Matt Riley and David Newhan. Seriously. 

Ranking The Rotations: AL East | Beyond the Box Score
BtB ranks the AL East starting rotations. Guess who comes in last?

The full spring training roster (including invitees such as Randy Winn) | Orioles Insider
The full forty man roster plus Mitch Atkins, Ryan Drese (who?), Armando Gabino, Mark Hendrickson, Wynn Pelzer, Clay Rapada (RAPADA!), Raul Rivera, Josh Rupe, Adam Donachie, Michel Hernandez, Caleb Joseph, Ryan Adams, Nick Gree, Brendan Harris, Tyler Henson, and Randy Winn

The next step for Matt Hobgood | Steve Melewski
Still rehabbing from his strained rotator cuff, it's unlikely Hobgood will be ready to pitch in April.

Roberts talks about Showalter | School of Roch
Brian Roberts gives some Buck Showalter sound bytes and Jeremy Guthrie recommends Jersey Boys. 

A .500 season would be a success for Orioles | York Dispatch
This is a weird article. He spends the entire thing talking about the Orioles and how they will be lucky to reach .500 (true). Then at the end out of nowhere he's all, "But the Phillies are awesome woo!"

Prospectus Hit and Run: Five Moves the AL East Should Have Made | Baseball Prospectus
Jay Jaffe names one move that each team in the AL East should have made this off-season. The Orioles move that should have been is signing Adam Dunn.

Yankees still have Millwood on their radar | Sporting News
The Yankees could add Kevin Millwood to their collection of has been starting pitchers. 

Indians after Millwood? | Yahoo! Sports
The Indians wonder if perhaps their starting pitchers might need a mentor. They don't want a mentor that costs $5M, though.

The thing that makes the open thread special is: he'll never give up on you. Ever.