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Saturday Bird Droppings



Orioles Insider: Duchscherer passes physical; O's announce deal
The day's top story, of course, is the addition of two-time All-Star Justin Duchscherer. He passed his physical and signed his contract. The deal has a $700K base with incentives that could reach $4.5 million. Oh, and the O's signed some old guy to DH as well.

Steve Melewski: MacPhail: Duchscherer passed two-day physical exam
It seems The Duke didn't get a grab-and-cough special. He underwent two days of testing before the O's would close the deal.


Orioles: Vladimir Guerrero, Orioles reach one-year, $8 million deal -
In other news, Vladimir Guerrero will be an Oriole. Just thought I'd pass that along.

Orioles reach agreement with slugger Vladimir Guerrero | News
"Orioles manager Buck Showalter -- who joked about hoping to use his eraser on some mock lineups -- got his wish."

Orioles Insider: Oriole players applaud Guerrero addition
Interestingly enough, Felix Pie and Nolan Reimold weren't available for comment.

The Schmuck Stops Here: Guerrero: Eight (million) is more than enough
"The upside on Guerrero is way up. The downside is $8 million wasted." No, the downside is wasted player development. But I made that point once or twice yesterday, so I won't belabor it here.

School of Roch: A few thoughts on Guerrero
"The front office was adamant about sticking to its first offer - I didn't just make that up - so I tend to wonder whether somebody else got involved and pushed this deal to its conclusion. Or maybe it's always been $8 million with incentives, but $4.5 million was the base." Roch, really, you can say it - this is a pretty big sign that Peter G. Angelos, Esq., got on the phone and said, "Andy, pay him what he wants." It's not proof, but it's a supporting detail.

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | on what Vlad will bring to the Orioles - Video | Multimedia Orioles reporter Brittany Ghiroli talks about what to expect from Vladimir Guerrero's potential impact in Baltimore in 2011.

Twitter / @Jeff Zrebiec: With $8 million deal to Gu ...
The O's are looking at a $93 million payroll for 2011, up about $20 million from 2010.

Twitter / @Jon Heyman: vlad pulls miracle getting ...
Jon Heyman calls the contract a "miracle" for Vlad, and notes his 1.011 OPS at OPaCY.


Steve Melewski: Luke Scott talks about his defense in left field
Luke Scott is pretty stoked to get the everyday left field job. "The facts are that I play solid defense. I had a year in Houston when I got moved to right and had seven or eight outfield assists, threw a guy out at first base in 368 at-bats - you know, limited playing time."

Twitter / @Brittany Ghiroli: Also, nothing new on Luke ...
No deal is imminent for Luke Scott, so he and the O's are still heading to arbitration.

FanGraphs Audio: Rob Neyer, Person You’ve Heard Of | FanGraphs Baseball
It's an interview with Rob Neyer concerning his new SBN gig.


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