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Monday Bird Droppings

Community Reminder: Camden Chat 2011 Pre-Season Contest - Camden Chat
Think you know more than all the other chumps around here? Try your hand at the Camden Chat pre-season contest!

Orioles: Wieters not bothered by spring struggles - Carroll County Times: Local
Matt Wieters is not hitting. Buck Showalter is fine with it. They also refer to him as a veteran in this article, which makes me feel old.

Matusz not sharp in Orioles' 9-1 loss to Tigers -
Matusz once again struggled with his control, while The Pride of Towson University led the Tigers offense to 17 hits and a lop-sided victory.

School of Roch: Matusz focused on rhythm, not results
After the game, Matusz told reporters "I feel like I'm making some adjustments that I need to, and I'm excited to sit down with Goose (Connor), look at the video for this game, kind of see where I need to be mechanically." Personally, I'm excited to make Top Gun jokes about our pitching coach all season. 

Duchscherer likely to open season on disabled list? | HardballTalk
Having the nickname "The Duke of Hurl" might actually be worse than starting the season on the DL.

What a relief! Orioles bullpen looks strong
"Haven’t we said that before?"  

Orioles spring training: Hip soreness casts Orioles pitcher Justin Duchscherer's regular-season readiness into further doubt -
If Duchscherer starts the season on the DL, Tillman and Britton may have a shot at his spot on the opening day roster. On the other hand, due to a light early schedule, the O's may not actually need a 5th starter until April 10.

Edit - 

Your former clips overlord has a contribution to make from the backseat. He clipped this yesterday like a helpful gentleman and I missed it this morning in my pre-caffeine haze. Long live The Duck:

Jake Fox keeping his eye on the ball, and the Orioles' backup catcher job -
Jake Fox offered the following joke to the jittery Zach Britton: "A sandwich walks into a bar. The bartender says: 'I'm sorry. We don't serve food here.'" Stick to your day job, Jake. -duck