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St. Patrick's Day Bird Droppings

Hey everybody! In this latest phase of my secret evil plan to take over Camden Chat (and then...the world!) I'm your new Thursday morning Bird Dropper. Or, I will be until 2632 is ready to take over full time. In the interim: Team Andrew Forever!

TheGarfoose's fundraising page for Help Survivors of Japan's Earthquake | Mercy Corps
Dirk Hayhurst, relief pitcher for Tampa Bay and author of The Bullpen Gospels, is raising money to aid Japan in wake of the massive earthquake that struck the nation last week. If you can, donate. I did.

Orioles Insider: Showalter on the Orioles' 10-0 beating by the Yankees - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards -
When your "brightest spot" is Mark Hendrickson you know you probably just lost a miserable baseball game.

Kevin Millwood threw this morning in front of several teams, including the Yankees | HardballTalk
"[A]t this point what is he really holding out for? A guaranteed spot in the rotation for a 36-year-old who stunk last year and will be way behind everyone else even if he reports to spring training immediately?" Apparently Aaron Gleeman isn't aware that mentoring is the new market inefficiency.

O's injured trio mere days from action | News
I'll believe it when I see it.

Ed Smith Stadium, Home of the Baltimore Orioles Spring Training |
A rave review of the O's new ST home.

The Waiver-Wire Prospects of MLB 2K11 -
"You call 'em in and say, 'It's the consensus among us that we're going to let you go back home.' Some of them cry, some get mad, but none of them will leave until you answer them one question, 'Skipper, what do you think?' And you gotta look every one of those kids in the eye and kick their dreams in the ass and say no. If you say it mean enough, maybe they do themselves a favor and don't waste years learning what you can see in a day." It's a review of MLB2K11, but any excuse to use that Earl Weaver quote is golden. -duck

Five questions: Baltimore Orioles
One of the questions is about Matt Wieters being the biggest bust in human history. It's remarkable and sad to me that one article with a flimsy at best premise has gotten so much coverage, while most of these other stories that are much more well-reasoned will die out and be forgotten within the hour.

Who’s the greatest living player for each team? | HardballTalk
Craig Calcaterra says quickly that it's got to be Cal Ripken in Baltimore, and I'm not gonna argue that for one second. The Iron Man is probably the most important baseball player I will ever care about. This is also a good time to check out former blog-master SC's awesome Cal Ripken write-up.

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