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GameThread: Orioles @ Pirates, 1:05 PM plus March Madness

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The broadcast on is the Pirates feed, so if you want to listen that's your option. I feel like someone told me that if it's showing as a broadcast as opposed to a specific radio station it's free to listen to, but don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. 

Chris Tillman makes the start for the Orioles today. It'll be Tillman's fourth appearance of the spring as he tries to win a spot in the rotation (although with Justin Duchscherer's troubles it's looking more and more like he has a good chance). Ross Ohlendorf starts for the Pirates. 

1) Felix Pie (L) CF
2) J.J. Hardy (R) SS
3) Nolan Reimold (R) LF
4) Matt Wieters (S) DH
5) Jake Fox (R) C
6) Randy Winn (S) RF
7) Brendan Harris (R) 2B
8) Josh Bell (S) 3B
9) Brandon Snyder (R) 1B
1) Jose Tabata (R) LF
2) Neil Walker (S) 2B
3) Andrew McCutchen (R) CF
4) Pedro Alvarez (L) 3B
5) Lyle Overbay (L) 1B
6) Matt Diaz (R) RF
7) Ronny Cedeno (R) SS
8) Jason Jaramillo (S) C
9) Ross Ohlendorf (R) P

I heard something about some other games going on today in some college sport, feel free to chat about that in here as well.