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Friday Bird Droppings

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Happy Friday! I just saw all the FanPosts and comments on the side bar and it warmed my cold, cold heart. Y'all are awesome. Stay tuned for this weekend when brand new front pager j.q. higgins starts his Camden Chat career as the weekend Bird Dropper. 

Camden Chat 2011 Pre-Season Contest
Today is the last day to enter into the CC contest. Ballot closes at the end of the day!

Showalter's post game comments, includes more on Fox | Orioles Insider
Comments on Jake Fox and Chris Tillman.

Blogger on Blogger: Chatting about the 2011 Orioles with Camden Crazies blogger Daniel Moroz -
Matt Vensel from the Sun had a Q&A with our friend Daniel Moroz. It's good stuff and a great idea, but "blogger on blogger" sounds kinda dirty to me. 

Explore Harford: Hope springs eternal for two Harford fans; Is next season here at last for the O's?
Two Orioles fans in Harford County have designed an O's t-shirt for this year. It's kinda funny.

Baltimore Orioles - Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret has expanded its baseball line to include the Baltimore Orioles. Because I've always needed panties with the O's logo on the front and "meet me in the dugout" on the ass. 

ON Top 50 Prospects – #28: Aaron Wirsch
Get to know O's prospect Aaron Wirsch.

Q&A: Trent Mummey | The Tenth Inning
A Q&A with prospect Trent Mummey, one of several awesomely named Orioles prospects.