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CC Opening Night Meet-Up: Pickles Pub

Edit: I'm bumping this up since Opening Night is now just four days away.

We're just two weeks four days from Opening Night. It seemed at times this winter like it would never arrive, but now we're almost there. And you don't want to sit at home by yourself watching the game, do you? I didn't think so. Meet us at Pickles Pub, right across the street from Camden Yards, to watch the Orioles play game one of what will surely be a championship season.

Pickles is of course known for being the place to be before and after Orioles' home games, but it's got a lot of space, plenty of TVs, and good food and drink specials that make it the perfect location for us to settle in and watch the game. It's near the light rail and it's close to a stop on the Circulator's orange route. For non-city residents, it's easy to find (right by the stadium!) and conveniently located just off of 295 and 95.

If you're planning on joining us or have any questions, let me know in the comments.