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GameThread: Twins @ Orioles, 7:05 PM

If you need a break from college basketball, or you hate college basketball, perhaps you'll be interested in this meaningless Spring Training game! It's not on TV, but you can choose to listen to either the Baltimore or Minnesota feed at (or, you know, on the radio). Just two weeks from tonight we'll be getting ready to watch real baseball.

Brian Matusz makes the start for the Orioles; Francisco Liriano for the Twins.

1) Denard Span (L) CF
2) Matt Tolbert (S) SS
3) Justin Morneau (L) 1B
4) Jeff Bailey (R) DH
5) Luke Hughes (R) 3B
6) Brian Dinkelman (L) LF
7) Jason Repko (R) RF
8) Steve Holm (R) C
9) Trevor Plouffe (R) 2B
1) J.J. Hardy (R) SS
2) Nick Markakis (L) RF
3) Adam Jones (R) CF
4) Vladimir Guerrero (R) DH
5) Mark Reynolds (R) 3B
6) Luke Scott (L) DH
7) Jake Fox (R) 1B
8) Matt Wieters (S) DH
9) Cesar Izturis (S) 2B