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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Orioles spring training: Orioles open renovated Ed Smith Stadium with a bang 
The Orioles hit five homers in first two innings of 12-6 win over Rays to christen spring training home. As president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail put it, "I would say, about three innings into it, it's not going to get any better than that."

Orioles Insider: It is a sellout, Berken struggles, Snyder pads O's lead, Markakis talks
The Orioles just announced that the crowd of 7,497 at Ed Smith Stadium is a sellout. Jason Berken didn't have such a great day. And The Sun's editors work overtime to eliminate all the "Um...yeah" and "you know" phrases from a transcript of an interview with Nick Markakis.

Orioles Insider: Guthrie on Guthrie and more
Jeremy Guthrie thinks his command wasn't so hot, felt like he had to throw over the plate to get strikes, and has a lot to work on. And oh, yeah, he pitched two scoreless innings while throwing just 6 balls in 25 pitches. Slacker.

Orioles Insider: Ed Smith blinks
There was an electrical glitch in the fourth inning that knocked out the interior lights and the scoreboards. Good thing it was a day game.

Orioles' Russell welcomed by former team |
"John Russell's first return to McKechnie Field since he was fired as the Pittsburgh manager ended Monday with the Orioles third base coach and Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit greeting each other with a handshake and an embrace."

Orioles intend to keep MacPhail | News
Orioles owner Peter Angelos told the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday, following the Orioles' 12-6 Grapefruit League win over the Rays, that he has every intention of retaining Andy MacPhail in his current role beyond 2011.

Orioles Insider: Still no timetable for Lee (updated with Lee quotes)
"I’m still feeling good," said Lee, who had surgery in November to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb. "I don’t see a reason to keep delaying it. I’m still going to be cautious, but I’m anxious to get in a game." Sounds like he'll be in the lineup sometime this week.

Matt Wieters: Baseball Prospectus says 'stardom now seems spectacularly unlikely' -
"As we were among the first to hop on the Wieters bandwagon, let us be among the first off of it," wrote Steven Goldman. "The backstop is heading into his age-25 season. Whatever his .343/.438/.576 rates seemed to portend, that’s gone, along with the notion that he’s a switch-hitter (he has hit .230/.278/.344 from the right side) or a power hitter"

Rays beware, Orioles seem ready to shake off years of mediocrity
Things are looking up for a Baltimore Orioles team that has been down so long, says Joe Henderson.

Baltimore Orioles Team Health Report 2011 - Will Carroll -
He gives his Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light health predictions for the Orioles.

Steve Melewski: Passing along rehab advice: Spoone has been where Erbe is going
Not so sure I want Chorye Spoon to be the one offering Brandon Erbe reassurance about shoulder surgery. He's not exactly set the world on fire after his, you know.

Baltimore Orioles' farm system lacking - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
FOXSports.coms Ken Rosenthal says the Baltimore Orioles farm system is lacking. He also says Peter Angelos' breath stinks, Andy MacPhail looks like he gets dressed in the dark and Buck Showalter is a bad tipper. And a bunch of other mean things. 

Private Tour: A Home Run
Did you ever wonder what Brian Roberts house looks like? Now you can find out.

Wieters might want to care less about K's if he's going to improve in 2011| Beyond the Box Score
One theory on Matt Wieters' regression in 2010. 

I hate that station. My dad owns it. I don't want to see another Open Thread with his name on it.