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Sunday Bird Droppings

Good morning, chatters.  Today's clips are brought to you by WaWa's new Tuffy Gosewisch...I kid, of course.  For those of you still watching the tourney, I say, JIMMER CAN BALL...DEAL WITH IT!


Vladimir Guerrero goes 3-for-3 in Orioles' loss | News The company line from Britt.  If you weren't watching, Arrieta looked meh.  Story has embedded video of Derek Lee's post-appearance comments and Earl Weaver's visit with 3DG and Flanny...but wait, there's more!

Orioles Insider: Earl Weaver speaks to Orioles coaching staff  - Earl imparting knowledge to Buck and the boys is unquestionably a good thing.                                                             

School of Roch: Uehara will pitch Tuesday, Pelzer reassigned (with quotes) In addition to yesterday's cuts, Wynn Pelzer was reassigned...and that great sucking sound you hear is Randy Winn and Nick Green.

Steve Melewski: Offense is nice, but pitching and defense rule the day Steve Melewski has a fever and the only cure is pitching and defense.

Q&A With Cal Ripken - Cal Ripken: Iron Man, Gold Glover, Hall of Famer, MVP...children's author?  If this new endeavor limits his corporate shilling, count me as in favor.

On that note, Manny Alexander has a birthday today...remember?  Shortstop of the future?  I don't want to freak you out, but he turns 40.