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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Orioles spring training: Zach Britton making his case as Orioles' best young pitcher -

Britton's strong performance against the Yankees was against a mostly B-team lineup. Nonetheless, I'm starting to get one of those Chris Matthews Leg Tingles about this kid.

Orioles Insider: Reynolds boots leg kick; mechanical tweak scrapped - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards -

Reynolds assures us he's "not going back to my old, ‘swing and hope I hit it’ thing." Well, that's reassuring. 

Orioles charting Lee's progress | News
Lee and Duchscherer: it's easy to chart their progress, as it does not seem there has been much of it.

Camden Yards loses ivy league status -
I'm more upset about the loss of our ivy than I probably should be. I also find the concept of "soil disease" to be gross and terrifying. All in all, this a bad situation, folks.

Q&A w/ Orioles Prospect Brandon Waring | I Hate JJ Redick

The awesomely named blog talks to Waring about Chipotle and Jessica Alba (and some baseball stuff, too). [Who clipped this one? Reveal thyself!]

Former pitcher Loewen enjoying challenge of hitting with Jays
Adam Loewen, man. We gave that kid his own commercial. 

Baltimore Orioles (Related Stories) - - Magazine
Sports Illustrated steps into the Orioles wayback machine.