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Community Projections Results : The Outfield and Designated Hitters

Here is the last batch of results for Camden Chat's 2011 community projections. If you missed them, here are the results for the rotation and the infield.

Vladimir Guerrero: 137 G, 513 AB, 25 2B, 26 HR, 38 BB, 65 K, 2 SB, 3 CS, .299/.349/.491

Attention dude who predicted Vlad would hit 60 HR and steal 45 bases: I threw your numbers out. As a community we seem to believe that Vlad will be just a little bit worse than he was last year with the Texas Rangers. The most pessimistic of the bunch was twistedlogic, who predicted Vlad would hit only .248/.308/.417 in 60 games. Ouch. Most optimistic was from a guy appropriately named Vladdy, who thinks Guerrero will hit .328/.375/.520 with 33 HR.

From 1998 thorough 2010, Guerrero slugged >.500 every year except for the last two. Almost one-third of you predicted he'd do that in 2011. That's cute.

Adam Jones: 147 G, 566 AB, 28 2B, 23 HR, 38 BB, 111 K, 11 SB, 5 CS, .288/.345/.466

I would be very happy with this season from Adam Jones. It's not outlandish, but it is optimistic.

The you-must-be-high award goes to 2131andBeyond, who predicted Adam would play in 159 games and hit .313/.401/.513. The Debbie Downer award goes to Luke E, who thinks Adam will only hit .275/.314/.438. That'd be worse than Adam was in both 2009 and 2010.


Nick Markakis: 157 G, 619 AB, 46 2B, 20 HR, 81 BB, 94 K, 9 SB, 3 CS, .303/.387/.477

Lots of people think Nick will get his power back this year. These numbers aren't as good as he put up on 2008 but wold be a big improvement over his last two seasons. It could happen. It's easy to forget because Nick has been around so long, but he'll be twenty-seven years old this season, which is what some people say is the peak age. He could certainly have a good year.

The most HR predicted for Nick (by a dude who named himself after male anatomy) is 33. I think that's a little ridiculous, but I think he could get to twenty and I wouldn't be shocked. Nearly everyone think he'll top his HR total of 13 from last year. I certainly hope so.

Felix Pie80 G, 239, 14 2B, 7 HR, 18 BB, 49 K, 7 SB, 3 CS, .272/.316/.425

Oh, Felix. When I started these projections, the Orioles had yet to sign Vlad, so it made sense to include Felix and Nolan. But now it just kinda bums me out.

O'sFan21 was the most optimistic about Felix, saying he'd play in 92 games and hit .284/.335/.465. That's a pretty big contrast from the least cheerful of the bunch, fudd. He thinks Felix will play in 80 games but hit only .240/.280/.320. I think the most telling thing is that Felix's two biggest supporters, being me and Vuff, didn't even submit projections. I can't speak for him but it just made me too sad.

Nolan Reimold: 72 G, 253 AB, 15 2B, 8 HR, 26 BB, 53 K, 4 SB, 2 CS, .287/.371/.472

If Nolan Reimold can put up a .371 OBP but only gets into 72 games it'll be a shame.

Two people (Pickford and O'sFan21) predicted Nolan will play over 100 games. Pickford in particular predicts a very solid year for Nolan, forecasting 17 HR and a batting line of .282/.373/.483. The prediction that makes me saddest came from WestCoastO'sFan who gives Nolan big numbers (.317/.402/.570) but only 29 games played.

Also, for Nolan to reach the OBP we predicted he is gonna have to get hit by a ton of pitches. Better invest in some body armor, Gazelle.

Luke Scott: 136 G, 466 AB, 27 2B, 29 HR, 60 BB, 102 K, 2 SB, 1 CS, .275/.356/.524

If Luke can put up the numbers predicted it'll be just a little bit less than what he did last year, but still easily his second best year in the majors. Most people were pretty consistent with Luke and those who predicted he'd hit only 20-22 HR also think he'll miss playing time.