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Introducing Camdencast - an Orioles podcast on CC

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew and I were talking about a lack of podcasts in Birdland. Then we thought this would be a fun thing to add to the site. Before you know it, here's this post with the pilot episode of the tentatively-titled Camdencast.

It's totally work-safe in its content. Although I can't promise your boss won't get mad if you listen to podcasts at work. But neither your boss nor your kids will hear any f-bombs by accident, or at least not from us. There are also not any eardrum-destroying feedback loops. I checked myself.

Here's a little table of contents if you'd like to skip around:

0:00-5:15     Intro, talking about last Opening Day vs. this Opening Day

5:15-17:00   Community Outfield Projections

17:00-28:15 Community Pitching Projections

28:15-40:00 Community Catcher/Infield Projections

40:00-55:00 Random musings include: outfield depth, chance of reaching .500; logic of aiming for .500; chance of success in 2012; Zach Britton; health of young pitchers; Opening Night at Pickles

You can listen to the podcast through this link. It'll start playing automatically in your browser. Stacey tells me it should download to your phone if you'd like for the evening commute. Or for whatever else you'd like to have it. She also says it's "like talk radio that doesn't make you want to put a screwdriver in your ear."

So please give us a listen when you can, and especially let us know what you think, as we'd like to make a semi-regular (2x a month?) feature out of this concept. The better we can do, the better for everyone. Happy Friday, Birdland!