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Saturday Bird Droppings

Happy Saturday.  VCU, huh?


School of Roch: Postgame Showalter Roch reads the tea leaves on Jake Fox and the ascendant Chris George.

Stats don't support Showalter on Jeter - Yankees Blog - ESPN New York I can't believe this is still a story, but some Yankee loving stathead provides the following for your consideration.

Say what, Showalter? - Chad Finn's Touching All The Bases - Oh, and they're kind of riled up in Boston...still.

Showalter: Jeter’s "Flip Play" Was Practiced - Tom Van Riper - Fields of Green - Forbes Interesting get from Forbes.  In case you haven't heard, Derek Jeter is a big, fat phony.  Buck said so.

AL East preview: Can raided Rays hold off the Yanks and Red Sox? - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Big League Stew takes a stroll around the AL East.

There are a couple interesting articles from around the blogosphere on matters that have been a hot topic here at CC...

Salary inflations and market behavior
A look at changes in average salary over the past 25 years.

How Significant Is Batting Order? | FanGraphs Baseball
A subject that's sort of a pet of mine.  Soft, fuzzy, obedient...

March 26 - BR Bullpen Baseball Reference takes us around today in baseball history including the death of franchise man George Sisler and a bit on Lee MacPhail.  Today is also the birthday of former O's short timers Dan "Hey, I Still Got a Ring" Morogiello and Mickey Weston.