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Sunday Bird Droppings

Good morning, comrades.  It's cold as a mug up in here.  At any rate, let's see what the day has to offer, shall we?

Another day another win...

Orioles Insider: Wrapping up Orioles 7-2 win over Rays
"Fortunately, I’ve seen him do this before," Showalter said of Rupe. "He’s just trusting [catcher Matt Wieters]. Put it down and let’s go. When a guy has that many quality pitches in his arsenal, sometimes you can have too many. He threw, I think, six straight sinkers to Longoria. That’s Matt as much as it is Rupe. Pretty good. Let’s go." Don't think, Nuke....just throw. -zk

School of Roch: No interest in Davis, early Showalter (updated) According to Roch, the O's have looked at Doug Davis, but not touched him.  I hear he has cooties.

And to complete our Sunday morning Roch block...

Britton Aces Orioles' Spring Tests | Baseball America
A good article on Zach Britton's Spring Training, written by our friend Roch Kubatko.   

More birdly goodness after the jump...

Cops: Dix Hills Man Robbed 7 Banks in 5 Weeks | Long Island Press
Melewski hipped me to this one.  Kind of messed up.

Is Kevin Millwood really that bad? With the Mentor in the Big Apple, BR asks the question.

Cooperstown Confidential: Stories of Bobby Grich What do you say guys?  Do we have what it takes to orchestrate a campaign to get Grich in the Hall?

Career Profile: Mike Bordick - Minor League Ball Sickels on Bordick.  Not literally. 

MASN radio ads defend small ball, reject stats - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post A personal fave, Dan Steinberg at the Washington Post wonders about MASN's ad department.
Jim Riggleman will trust his players, not your stats, thanks very much.