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Monday Bird Droppings

Is This Jake Fox's Break-out? | March
"Is the offensive barrage a sign of things to come, and should the Orioles take advantage of it by giving Fox some plate appearances in the majors?"

Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds appears to be a perfect fit for his new city, but his play on the field will determine that -
Key take-away: Reynolds was nick-named "Skeletor" and "Forrest Gump" in his younger day.

X-Factor: Zach Britton - Weaver's Tantrum
"Keith Law has 23 year-old Britton 11th on his Top 100 Prospects list, ahead of nationally known prospects like Aroldis Chapman, Kyle Drabek, and Jeremy Hellickson. This spring has been Britton's coming out party. In 14 spring training innings, Britton has yet to allow a run. He has been the best pitcher in Oriole camp."

Weeding out Wieters' bad habits - Tom Verducci -
Matt Wieters is trying some mechanical adjustments to boost his power, aided by Buck and Jim Presley. -zk

Andino gets first taste of outfield | News
Robert Andino played left field against the Jays, and Jeremy Guthrie threw 96 pitches. Seriously, can the season start already? -zk

Jeter Responds To Criticism -
ESPN ♥ Jeets, and Jeter ♥ ESPN right back. 2gether + 4ever = 6cess! -zk

Orioles Hope Last Year's Wins Carry Over -
The Journal wants O's fans to temper their expectations. Ummm, have you guys talked to an Orioles fan recently? -zk

"When It’s Not Your Turn": The Quintessentially Victorian Vision of Ogden’s "The Wire" " The Hooded Utilitarian
If you haven't seen this yet, go. Now. -zk