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Brian Matusz hit with line drive; rotation status in question

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In the "You have got to be kidding me" department, Brian Matusz got hit in the left bicep with a line drive and had to leave his simulated game. From Jeff Zrebiec:

Brian matusz got nailed in the left biceps w a liner in a sim game. No x-rays likely but his status now in question. #orioles

Zrebiec tweeted that at 4:32 and one minute later added this:

Zach britton would be in conversation to start season in rotation is matusz can't go. 

That's all the news at the moment, I'm sure we'll hear more later. Since they won't be taking x-rays it probably isn't too serious but since we've officially moved in the portion of Spring Training where we wish it was over and just hope no one gets hurt, this kinda sucks.

I'd imagine if Matusz can't start the season in the rotation, Britton would only be a consideration if Brad Bergesen is also unable to start the season thanks to the line drive that hit him last week.

Edit: After I posted this a tweet came in from Britt Ghroli:

Matusz still expects to make saturdays start. Liner was from LJ hoes.

That's good news, so maybe this is much ado about nothing. But LJ, how could you?