Your ideas for the 2011 Camden Chat Prop Bets Contest

If you weren't around last year or don't remember, before the 2010 season we held a contest where you were presented with two options and had to choose which would be higher (for example, home runs hit by Luke Scott or home runs allowed by Jeremy Guthrie). To see the complete list of choices you can check out the results post from last year. I stole the idea from a contest held at Beyond the Boxscore in 2009.

It was a lot of fun last year, we got nearly 100 responses. I bet we could get even more this year, but the truth is it takes forever for me to come up with the questions. I know many of you are smarty pantses, so it makes sense that we make it a group effort. Write your suggestions and in a few days (or however long it takes us to get a lot of suggestions) and I'll round up the best 25 and set up the contest. If you see one in the comments you really like, feel free to rec it.

I'll start with a suggestion someone on Twitter gave me a week or so ago. Which will be higher in 2011, Mark Reynolds strike outs or Mark Reynolds batting average X 1000?

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