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Thursday Bird Droppings

Baseball Nation
Just in time for the season, SB Nation has unveiled its new baseball page. Give it a look-see why don't you? - Stacey

Orioles Insider: Still questions remain as Orioles break camp and ready for Opening Day -
The rotation will presumably be at least 2/5 decided by gametime on Saturday. Maybe.

Jim Palmer recalls 1971 Orioles staff with four 20-game winners | Philadelphia Inquirer
Palmer talks a bit about each pitcher on the 1971 Orioles staff and about the Phillies' rotation.

Dempsey's Army - Free Nolan Reimold
Candlelight vigils will be held nightly starting at 7:05 pm until the oppressors end this reign of terror.

ON Top 50 Prospects – #15: Joe Mahoney
Joe Mahoney is very tall. And other stuff.

School of Roch: Tillman named No. 3 starter
Roch's post is inexplicably missing a react quote from noted Tillman booster and unofficial biographer, Andrew_G.

Local Phillies, Orioles fans can't wait for season openers - York Dispatch
This just in - area Phillies fans are more optimistic, obnoxious than downtrodden O's faithful. Film at 11.

PressBox: Men In Blue Will Honor Ernie Tyler
The umpires who Ernie Tyler aided for so many years are commemorating his memory by wearing "ET" wristbands at all games played at Camden Yards this year.

Joe Posnanski " An Interview With UZR
Even though duck disagrees, I maintain that it rarely gets any better than Joe Posnanski. - Stacey