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Who's Who on Camden Chat? -- The Sequel

Way back in May 2008, daveh873 wrote a FanPost titled, "Who's Who on Camden Chat (let us know!)" It was very popular and we re-opened it several times for updates (which is why the current date on it is January 2010). It now has 466 comments so it seems like a good idea to start fresh with the introductions.

Whether you've been here for six years or six days, tell us a little about yourself. We'll be spending quite a lot of time together over the next several months, so it doesn't hurt that we know each other a little. I'll start (I stole this format from Bluebird Banter, but I figure they're Canadians and therefore very nice and won't mind):

Name: Stacey
Location: Baltimore
Current Favorite Oriole: Brian Matusz Roberts Matusz I can't decide. Brian.
All Time Favorite Oriole: Brady Anderson
Favorite Non-Oriole: Cliff Lee
Stepping to the Plate Music: Fighter by Christina Aguilera
Favorite Ballpark Food/Drink: Sausage & peppers and Miller Lite (I'm no snob).
When I'm not Camden Chatting, I'm: working in the cube farm, playing Plants vs. Zombies, watching more TV than I care to admit, trying to figure out a way to trick my boyfriend into watching Dirty Dancing
Most Visited Websites (other than CC): Facebook, Joe Posnanski's blog, Twitter, The Onion

How about you? Feel free to follow this format or just say whatever you like.