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GameThread: Orioles @ Red Sox, 1:05 PM

The Orioles are playing two games today, the first being this one on the road against the Red Sox. It's not being broadcast anywhere and is full of reserves since the regulars will be playing the home game tonight against the Yankees. Anyone following along on Gameday (or perchance at the game) please feel free to give us updates! 

I'll put up another gamethread (with all the bells and whistles) for tonight's game which is being broadcast on MASN. That's right, baseball on TV! The Orioles are actually on television three times this week, with Tuesday and Wednesday's games being broadcast on MLBN. That's good news for those of you who, unlike me, get MLBN.

Chris Tillman is today's starting pitcher. Here's your lineup:

Matt Angle - RF, Randy Winn - CF, Nolan Reimold - LF, Jake Fox - C, Josh Bell - 3B, Brendan Harris - DH, Robert Andino - 2B, Joe Mahoney - 1B, Cesar Izturis - SS.

John Lackey gets the start for the Red Sox. Their lineup:

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF, Dustin Pedroia - 2B, Carl Crawford - LF, Kevin Youkilis - 3B, David Ortiz - DH, J.D. Drew - RF, Marco Scutaro - SS, Jason Varitek - C, Drew Sutton - 1B