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GameThread: Orioles @ Red Sox, 7:05 PM

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More baseball on TV! Only this time it's on MLBN and I believe will be the NESN broadcast, plus it features the B team, as most of the regulars played this afternoon. Dark horse Ryan Drese makes the start this evening, opposing Clay Buchholz

Orioles: Matt Angle RF, Randy Winn LF, Felix Pie CF, Jake Fox C, Josh Bell 3B, Brendan Harris 2B, bRaNdOn SnYdEr DH, Joseph Mahoney 1B, Robert Andino (R) SS

Red Sox: Marco Scutaro SS, Dustin Pedroia 2B, David Ortiz DH, J.D. Drew RF, Jason Varitek C, Daniel Nava LF, Drew Sutton 1B, Jed Lowrie 3B, Che-Hsuan Lin (R) CF