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Tuesday Bird Droppings

BtB Power Rankings - Beyond the Box Score
BtB ranks us 15 out of 30 after week one of the season, noting that both the .243 BABIP and underwhelming offense will probably regress towards league average.

School of Roch: Ripken reflects
Cal talks about O's Hall of Fame honorees Bordick and Bancells.

An Early Season Look at the AL East - Bluebird Banter
The AL East so far from the perspective of SBN's Blue Jays blog. 

Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees - Preview | ESPN New York
A preview of tonight's game, which AccuScore thinks the Yankees have a 69% chance of winning.

Steve Melewski: A look at CF depth in the O's minors
Melewski claims we have strong organizational depth in center field.

Matt Wieters goes to work while ignoring hype, criticism -
Matt Wieters: Underrated or overrated? Etc.

After Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, baseball returns to Japan -
Besuboru is finally back in Japan, after a delay caused by the worst earthquake in the nation's history and an ensuing tsunami that ravaged Northeastern Honshu. -duck

Joe Blogs: Commentary
This is off-topic, I know, but I was so touched by what Joe Posnanksi had to say about the Tara Sullivan debacle at the Masters that I wanted to share. -Stacey

Early AL RoY Favorite: Zach Britton | FanGraphs Baseball
James F would like this guy to put his panties back on. 

Orioles/Yankees Scouting Report | I Hate JJ Redick
Series preview from IHJJR.