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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Slow Orioles news day 'round these parts...

Orioles Insider: What rainout means in terms of pitching -
The next time we will need a 5th starter is Sunday, against Cleveland. Bergesen will take that start and be available in the bullpen starting today.

Old-school Buck Showalter teaching Orioles some new tricks -
"What are you willing to do? What are you willing to sweat that someone else may not be, to make [baseball] relevant again in Baltimore?" - Buck Showalter Quotomatic 5000

Tillman, O’s Rained Out In The Bronx - Charm City Yakyuu
Check out the artist's rendering of a rained out Tillman.

Revisiting Erik Bedard - The Loss Column



Aerys Sports » Wearing Your Team’s Jersey? You Deserve To Be Beaten
Commentary on the article about Brian Stow written by a certain douche bag who writes for some no-name news outlet in a state north of ours. I'm replacing that link on our site with this one because I don't want that person getting any more page views than he's already gotten.

Alex Schmarzo Interview | Orioles Nation
I've never heard of him, either. But he plays in the O's system.