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Thursday Bird Droppings

Getty Images

BTW, check out the caption on the picture posted to the side. Apparently, we traded B-Rob to the Twins, but since they are kindly midwesterners, they still let him hit bombs for us. 

Franchise players: Pick the all-time greatest Baltimore Oriole - Daily Pitch: MLB News, Standings, Schedules & More -
Your ballot consists of Eddie, Cal, Brooks, Frank and Palmer. Vote early, vote often.

Roberts noses out Markakis | The Daily Times |
A modern day equivalent to the USA Today poll. We don't actually get to vote in this one though.

Buck Showalter success in Baltimore proves Bobby Valentine deserves a shot, too -
Joel Sherman compares Showalter and Valentine, saying they are among the few who have the ability to be top-notch managers. He says Valentine deserves a shot too, but he doesn't mention that Bobby Valentine wasn't up to the challenge of managing the Orioles.

Orioles Game Fundraiser 5/8 to Support The Red Devils
This was posted in the FanPosts a few days ago but I just wanted to call attention to the good cause. There is more information on the event's Facebook page.

Orioles Buzz: Matthew Taylor: Developing an appreciation for Rivera's talents
Matt from Roar from 34 takes a look at our history with the one and only Yankee I don't hate.

Camden Depot: Is Wieters a poor behind the count hitter?
The first in a series of statistical analyses of young Mr. Wieters.

Cal Ripken Jr.: Baltimore's stand out players -
Cal's video take on our young guns. It's really, really short. But it's Cal, so deal.

Cliff Lee said that Guthrie had "tons of talent" -
Jeremy Guthrie
's teammate in Cleveland, former Cy Young winner Cliff Lee shows Guts some love.

We now have 'Black and Orange' as an Orioles anthem -
So, this is happening, I guess.