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Friday Bird Droppings

Brooks Robinson Released From Hospital - WBAL Baltimore

Some good news to cut the hangover from last night.

New attitude makes Orioles the new Rays in AL East - MLB - Baseball

"It's easy to see them getting to where the Rays were, to see them beating the Yankees and the Red Sox, to see them making the playoffs whether or not baseball adds that second playoff team." Yes, it is in fact easy to see them beating the Red Sox and Yankees, as long as you don't actually watch any of those games.

Wieters makes some changes to his stance -

Haters gonna hate, Matt. My Yankees fan friend think you're a "beast". He told me that every other inning during the ill-fated series we just finished. So, you know, feel the love. This, however, is the most disconcerting quote I've seen thusfar from Buck - he says he looks "real hitter-ish up there right now."

The top up-the-middle contingents - ESPN

Matt Wieters, Brian Roberts, J.J. Hardy, and Adam Jones are named the third best up-the-middle team in baseball.

Justin Duchscherer on his depression: 'You're never happy' -

Oh, man. Full of quotes that make you sad for the dude, and I don't know, a little uncomfortable.

Another look at the Tillman debacle - Dempseys Army

Tillman's last start - terrible, or only sort of terrible?

Weaver's Tantrum: Small Samples

A look at where are some of our guys stand, small sample size disclaimers and all.