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Game 12: Orioles (6-5) @ Indians (8-4), 7:05pm

We've got two Klingon Birds of Prey decloaking off the starboard bow. They're not responding to hails. Scanners show they are powering up their phasers. Raise shields. Arm phasers and load photon torpedoes. Red Alert!

This four-game losing streak has me getting a little carried away. Then again, what doesn't? No more space need be spent on what we witnessed last night. As Birdlander-in-Chief Buck Showalter said, "We're not going to dwell in self-pity." Although here on Camden Chat it wasn't so much pity as a whole lot of anger at the nominal closer, but let's not dwell on that either.

Thus we turn our gaze now to the shores of Lake Erie, where resides the Mistake by the Lake: Cleveland, Ohio. I actually have nothing against Cleveland in the realm of baseball, or life generally, not even the 1997 ALCS, because I guess 13 year old Eat More Esskay was paying attention to other things in life. When I read the box scores now it just makes me really mad at Armando Benitez.

This series is a matchup between two teams who've surprised with their starts. You can find a detailed breakdown of the series matchups from twistedlogic here.

The Indians come in with an 8-4 record that was launched with a 15-10 loss on Opening Day, but they feasted on Seattle and Boston. Starting tonight for them is Justin Masterson, who came to the Indians in the Victor Martinez trade. Fangraphs tells me that he is a righty who throws a 91mph fastball 78% of the time, then has an 83mph slider (19%) and 85mph changeup (3%). I know two things about the Cleveland lineup: one is that Gary Thorne will continually mispronounce Shin-Soo Choo's name, and the other is that Travis Hafner beat the Bowie Baysox in the AA playoffs one year because he was on injury rehab. That was pretty lame.

Zach Britton is pitching for the Orioles, and when he's done with Cleveland, they will be steaming.

I continue to think that I should like this lineup (other than Cesar) and it continues to disappoint me. On the other hand, Cleveland's cleanup hitter is Shelley Duncan.