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Game 13: Orioles (6-6) @ Indians (9-4), 1:05pm

The game is now scheduled for a 3:05pm first pitch after a rain delay.

This five-game losing streak feels kind of like a really bad sinus infection, one that drags on for so long you forget what it was like to breathe freely and not have the front half of your head killing you all the time. You may resort to alcohol to dull the pain every night. That's about where we are right now. I had this sinus infection last week, then on Wednesday I woke up and it was suddenly gone. Right now the Orioles are infected with Suck, but hopefully today is the day it clears up.

Help us, Jeremy Guthrie. You're our only hope! Or maybe the hitters will like, actually do something off Josh Tomlin, but I'm really not holding my breath.

There is a lot of green on the Cleveland, OH radar, so whether Mother Nature allows this game to start on time or be played at all is another question entirely. This is the Orioles' only scheduled trip to play the Indians this year and so we may be looking at a day-day doubleheader tomorrow. Hopefully we play today, though, because days without Orioles baseball, even crappy Orioles baseball, make me sad.

That's quite a powerful 8-9 punch: a combined 0-for-17.