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Game 14: Orioles (6-7) @ Indians (10-4), 1:05pm

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Right now it feels kind of like the Orioles are Sisyphus, and the dream of winning is the boulder. Except some days the boulder doesn't even get close to the top of the hill, but either way it rolls all the way back to the bottom for the next day. As fans we are chained in the boulder's path so that it is guaranteed to crush us after every failure.

That's kind of depressing, but then this six-game losing streak is kind of depressing. Not so much the fact that it's happened as the causes of it, which in the fog sure seem like they will last forever. You probably have your own list here. The obvious one for me is the disappointing knowledge that Kevin Gregg will persist in being the closer for the time, so the next time we actually do carry a lead into the 9th inning he will be fully capable of screwing it up again. The other is that right now it seems like Brian Roberts can't get to anything in the field.

Today we get to be matched up against the Indians' Fausto Carmona, who is just about the only Cleveland starter who's not firing on all cylinders right now, with a 6.11 ERA that's probably fueled mostly by more than 20% of his fly balls ending up being home runs. That actually sounds like a great sign for an Orioles team that's managed to rack up a high percentage of its runs through the long ball. What would be really great would be if we could get one of Earl Weaver's favorite three-run home runs. Instead we are more likely to see what we saw yesterday when the first two men reached, which was Jake Fox doing his damndest to ground into a triple play. The magic of Orioles baseball!

Starting for the Birds is Brad Bergesen, and I don't know what to expect from him but it probably shouldn't be good. But I still remember 2009 and I still curse Billy Butler, so I want him to be good. Please be good, Bergesen. If we win today, we're back to .500 with a banged up Twins team coming to Baltimore.

Programming recommendation: All people who get HBO should watch Game of Thrones at 9pm Eastern tonight. Only don't watch with young children.