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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Slumping Orioles have lost seven straight games after 6-1 start -

To be fair, I doubt this is actually the first time Buck's Bids have faced adversity - it's just the first time they have laid down and let adversity steamroll their asses.

Heath Bintliff: Orioles offense offers more of the same -

Heath from Dempsey's Army finds a sliver of silver lining in this mess in his MASN guest post: "The offense can't possibly be this bad all season and up to this point, the team has still managed to hover just under the .500 mark."

Kevin Gregg Isn't, And Never Was, Fit To Be Team's Closer | Bleacher Report

The case for "Anybody but Gregg" for Orioles "closer."

Steve Melewski: Will the Orioles make any lineup changes?

Will rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic slow it's descent?

Adam Jones: "Things will get back on track" | Baltimore Sports Report

Whatever, Adam. We've heard that line before.

 Dodger outfielder Jay Gibbons’ eyesight ‘an overall mess’ |

I guess this puts our current situation in some perspective. Things aren't good, but at least we don't have a half-blind Jay Gibbons on our team.