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How'd ya like a free Orioles' t-shirt from

Recently Matt Fairchild, who runs the website, contacted me to tell me about the new shirt he designed for Orioles fans. Take a look:


This is the third Orioles' themed shirt that has designed, the first two being Nick Markakis and Adam Jones centered (pics of those below the jump).  When Matt offered me a few free shirts to give away on my site in exchange for a plug, I was happy to take him up on the offer. For one thing, who doesn't like a free shirt? And for another, I own both the Nick the Stick and the Bazooka Jones shirts, and both are great quality. I wear them all the time.

I bought the Nick the Stick t-shirt two seasons ago when it was new, and even though it's fantastic, because it's made for boys and I'm a (short) girl, it's just too long. So last season when the Bazooka Jones shirt came out, I emailed Matt (who I'd never had any contact with before) to ask if it was possible to to order it in a woman's size. He was very accommodating and in just a few days I had a perfectly fitting ladies' t-shirt with the Bazooka Jones design. That has a lot to do with why I'm perfectly happy to tell you all about his site.

Ok, that's enough advertising and testimonializing out of me. Answer the questions below regarding tonight's game (predictions, if you will). The person who answers the most correctly will win his or her choice of the new Buck You shirt or the Bazooka Jones shirt (both shirts are XL). It looks like Bazooka Jones is no longer available on the website so this could be your last chance to get one (I can already hear the jokes about what horrible player Jones is. You people are so predictable). Even if you don't win, be sure to check out the website and maybe get yourself a little something. Whichever shirt isn't picked by the winner will be given away next week.

The contest will close when the first pitch is thrown. Good luck!




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