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Game 16: Twins (6-10) @ Orioles (6-9), 7:05pm

If you want to know about this particular game between the Twins and Orioles, take a look at twistedlogic's series preview. If you need me, I'll be over here writing ridiculous poetry in free verse.

The rain falls heavy on my heart like an eight-game losing streak

April showers that will bring no May flowers, but rather only

The pain of yet another appearance by Kevin Gregg.

Silent are the bats that awaken neither day nor night

Swinging and missing at pitches far out of the strike zone.

If Hell is a never-ending stream of double plays, there we are:

Pathetic hacks at terrible pitches that ground weakly to second base

As a slow runner lumbers down the line, never to reach first.

The memory of winning as far from us as Adam Jones to that curveball in the dirt.

Tragedy, thy name is Birdland, and so we are driven into the emo depths

Where we try to cut ourselves on Chris Tillman fastballs:

Eighty-eight mile per hour meatballs landing way out

In the deserted center field bleachers of our dreams.

Your starters are Carl Pavano for the Twins and Jake Arrieta for the Orioles.