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Friday Bird Droppings

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Luke Scott on his comments about Barack Obama: 'I felt tremendous about what I said, and I was proud of it' -

Re-hashing Amy K. Nelson's ESPN story.

luke scott revisited | oriole post

Oriole Post weights in with a reactions to the more outlandish parts of the ESPN Scott story.

Cycling and recycling, Orioles' Jeremy Guthrie pitches in -

And now, for something completely different. Guthrie the environmentalist.

PressBox: Orioles Could Save Money By Extending Guthrie Now

Stan "The Fan" makes an argument for locking up Guthrie asap. 

Orioles' fortunes fading with aging lineup? - The Capital

This just in: Derrek Lee and Vladimir Guerrero are old.

Really Kevin Gregg? Really? | Eutaw Street Hooligans

ESH says what we're all thinking about Kevin Gregg

Who is Baltimore's most nerve-wracking athlete to watch? -

"So here’s what I want from you: Name the current Baltimore athlete that makes you most nervous and give me one all-timer."