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Saturday Bird Droppings

It's a dreary day in Birdland, though, thankfully one that has only been weather-induced. Here's hoping we get one in tonight. At least, I selfishly hope so as I'm making the trek northwards in a few hours.

Some clips for your consideration, friends:

Rainout allows Orioles to skip Tillman's next start - Baltimore Sun
Orioles notebook...foretelling the coming Tillman screw job?

Steve Melewski: Pondering some Orioles and Yankees stats Melewski loves numbers! Maybe he should start a bokk club with Dave Trembley.

Derek Jeter leads MLB in ground ball percentage, ranks 188th in slugging percentage | HardballTalk
Cap'n is the most storied piece of toast in the most storied historied of the most storied franchise...EVER!

Angels fans make it rain in Carl Crawford’s on-deck circle - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
And who said it never rains in Southern California?

April 23 - BR Bullpen A milestone in Lee Smith's brief Orioles career.