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Game 19: Yankees (10-6) @ Orioles (8-10), 7:05pm

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A couple of days ago in this space I made fun of recent comments by Justin Duchscherer where he stated that he feels bad when he strikes people out. Some felt this was in poor taste, feeling that the comments were a reflection of his depression. I think a professional athlete feeling bad about succeeding is funny in any context. Many people struggle with depression going about their lives, and this is not funny. In the future I will try to avoid giving offense of this nature.

Speaking of offensive things, the Yankees are in town for what was supposed to be a three-game series, and that means Yankee fans are also in town. We can all direct whatever scorn, mockery and derision towards them as feels appropriate, because Yankee fans actively choose to root for the source of all evil. Likely Camden Yards will be infested with them tonight, roaches scurrying throughout the concourses. Some will be dressed in track suits and looking like Big Pussy from The Sopranos. Some will be wearing "authentic" Derek Jeter t-shirts that have both his name and number. All of them will be assholes.

Whenever the Yankees come to town, I can't help but think of Snoop and Chris from The Wire's fourth season, and how they carry out their war against the New York invaders. Some day the Orioles will be good again, and it will be the Orioles who take the hopes of the Yankees and their fans and metaphorically nail shut the corpse inside a vacant rowhouse. As we look upon this scene we may ask: Where's your Yankee pride at now? (NSFW.)

On the subject of corpses, Derek Jeter (age 36) is sporting a batting line of .219/.282/.234, and Jorge Posada (age 39) is 1-for-14 on the road, where he can't count on cheap Yankee Stadium home runs (five of his eight hits are homers; he's sporting a .160 average.)

Sadly for us, tonight's starting matchup is CC Sabathia for the Yankees against Brad Bergesen, and the rest of the Yankee lineup doesn't exactly suck, except for Brett Gardner, who really sucks. This screams reverse lock theory if ever there was such a thing. We can only hope so, because the only thing worse than having to deal with Yankee fans crawling about town is when those Yankee fans are happy.