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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Happy Easter, if you swing that way and happy Sunday if you don't  I fully realize it may be difficult to enjoy today after last night's debacle, but we must all endeavor to persevere.

...and boo to Teixeira and the rest of his ilk.

A couple clips, then.

Orioles notebook: O's starter Brian Matusz will be out until at least mid-May while he rehabs left intercostal strain - but at least Felix Pie and NIck Markakis are sporting stylish fauxhawks!

Fans line up for autographs by Brooks Robinson following hospital release - Brooksy on the mend.  Thank goodness.

Women Are Coming to Baseball, Like It or Not | FanGraphs Baseball Take that, Rob Dibble!

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Alex Ochoa, 1994 Bowman's Best #52 Another pleasant stroll down cardboard memory lane.

April 24 - BR Bullpen Jack O'Boskie may or may not remember this day one year ago.