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Yankees 6, Orioles 3 (11): Throwing errors ruin the comeback, remind us who the Orioles really are

I only saw bits and pieces of this game as, it being Easter, I had better things to do than watch the O's get smacked around again. 

Jake Arrieta again had a pretty good game, but he just couldn't keep his pitch count down, going to a three-ball count nearly every time I glanced at the TV. He started the game off in poor fashion as a Derek Jeter single and Curtis Granderson home run put the Yankees up 2-0 less than five minutes into the game. He then walked the next two batters, but was able to stop the damage right there. 

After the first inning he improved dramatically, with his breaking pitches looking especially fantastic. He pitched six innings total, allowing another run in the fifth. Another decent outing by Arrieta that looked like wouldn't be rewarded. 

Freddy Garcia pitched for the Orioles and it seemed that just kept throwing the same breaking pitch in the dirt and the Orioles kept flailing away at it. He pitched six shutout innings before coming out of the game. Freddy Garcia. Pitched six shutout innings. Seriously. 

Luckily for the O's, Joba Chamberlain replaced Garcia and they were able to score two runs in the seventh inning when Mark Reynolds homered with Adam Jones on base. The 3-2 score held until the ninth inning when Mariano Rivera came in close out the game. The Orioles weren't finished, and handed Rivera his second consecutive blown save (the last coming April 19th against Toronto). I haven't looked it up, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's never done that before. 

Adam Jones led off the ninth inning with a walk (I know!), then after Rivera got Reynolds and Matt Wieters to strike out, pinch hitter Jake Fox singled and Brian Roberts doubled in Adam Jones. Robert Andino, who had pinch run for Fox, was thrown out at the plate. 

The score remained 3-3 until the top of the eleventh inning, when it got ugly. You know, if the Orioles had fought back to tie this game then lost in a normal manner, I would have been disappointed but would have felt that at least they'd fought back against a very good team and refused to roll over. Any good will they earned with their comeback, however, was totally undone with their sloppy eleventh inning. 

After a 40-minute rain delay, Jason Berken came in to face Robinson Cano, who already had a 3-2 pitch courtesy of Jeremy Accardo. Cano fouled off five pitches and then hit a stand up double to right field. During Nick Swisher's at-bat, Wieters tried to throw behind Cano to pick him off. Instead, Cano took off for third and got there easily. Swisher struck out and the Orioles' opted to intentionally walk pinch hitter Eric Chavez to set up the double play. 

Russell Martin hit a ground ball towards shortstop that Andino stopped with a dive. It would have been a tough double play, but that doesn't matter as Andino threw the ball past Roberts and into right field. Cano scored and Chavez moved to third. After Derek Jeter struck out, Mark Teixeira hit a ground ball to Reynolds at third, but Reynolds threw THAT ball away, allowing Chavez to score and the inning to continue. Granderson then singled in another run before it was all over. 

The Orioles went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the eleventh to a person named Buddy Carlyle

The end.