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Monday Bird Droppings

Postgame Showalter -

Showalter, on that time when we totally won the game, but we did it so well the umps didn't even notice: "I haven't looked at it yet... I hear conflicting whatever. If it's that close and nobody knows for sure... We had other opportunities. I'm not going to dwell on it. I think the guy behind the plate (Angel Campos) does a good job, all things considered for a young umpire."

Catching up with ... former Oriole Joe Nolan -

Joe Nolan was the backup catcher for the O's of the early 80's. He owns a World Series ring. "Nowadays, Nolan lives in Melville, Mo., and works part time as a manufacturer's rep for a firm that makes vinyl school ring binders."

What’s Wrong With Derrek Lee? - Gear Up For Orioles Baseball

This dude thinks we should still expect 20-25 homers from D Lee. This season.

Nick Markakis: "I feel like I'm close" -

A surprising number of words from the taciturn Mr. Markakis.

New Orioles policy provides bloggers limited ballpark access | Roar From 34

"I think the Orioles started off on the right foot with bloggers. The two blogger nights held in the MASN suite along with press box access last season was a nice gesture," says Stacey Long of Camden Chat. "I was hoping that access would expand this year, and I'm disappointed and frustrated that it hasn't. Sitting in the press box is a nice experience, but without additional access to the team it doesn't do much to enhance my coverage of the Orioles."