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Birds Up, O's Down for April 18-24

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Who's hot and who's not among the Orioles this week


Jake Arrieta

With the exception of the first inning in yesterday's game, Arrieta was excellent this week, allowing just 9 hits and 3 ER over 12 innnings.  Did issue six walks in the process, but nothing too ridiculous.  Anybody else see that curveball yesterday?


Brad Bergesen

Not pitching terribly, but still a victim of the long ball.  Jeremy Guthrie offers his condolences.

Zach Britton

Three of his four starts, including one this week in Minnesota, have been solid.  Not bad there, rookie.  Is a ROY in going to jinx it.

Justin Duchscherer

Orioles still not sending anybody home depressed.  One wonders how the Duke feels about Brian Roberts killing the save op for Mariano Rivera, however.

Jeremy Guthrie

Best starter on the team so far, but has just a 1-3 record to show for it.  Can't complain about his outing in against Minnesota this week.  Two ER through 7 innings results in his first career loss to the Twins.  Tough luck, Guts.

Brian Matusz

Apparently he's throwing without pain.  Guess that's good news. 


Chris Tillman

Nice recovery after a horrible start against the Yankees last week.  Minnesota isn't scoring a whole heck of a lot though, so he'll need another good start to earn his up arrow.




Jeremy Accardo

Pitching reasonably well, but required outstanding defense to bail him out.

Jason Berken

Flawless in his first 6 outings this season.  Not so flawless in the last two.  Won't even bother posting his line over his past two games (it was that brutal).  What gives, Jason?

Mike Gonzalez

Seems programmed to allow at least a run every time he pitches.  This is getting ridiculous. 

Kevin Gregg

Speaking of getting brutal.......although he did have a save this week, so there's that.

Jim Johnson Two innings, no runs allowed.  Good stuff, JJ.  Why can't they all be like you?

Clay Rapada

This guy has creepy teeth.  This guy also has a 16.20 ERA.

Josh Rupe

Got positively shelled in that 15-3 loss to the Yankees....but let's face it:  who didn't?

Koji Uehara

That one ER allowed against Minnesota tarnishes a pretty good line so far.


Robert Andino

Don't look now, but the guy is picking up a few hits and probably should have scored the winning run in yesterday's game before being mysteriously called out at the plate failing to slide under the tag.  Then he throws a ball away and helps the Orioles lose the game.  Sigh.

Jake Fox

One for seven this week, although that single yesterday was pretty clutch.

Vladimir Guerrero

Had himself a pretty solid series against Minnesota.  Had 2 hits in three of the four games, including a HR in each of the wins.

J.J. Hardy

Remains on the DL, but is apparently progressing.

Cesar Izturis

Why is he here again?

Adam Jones

Improved at the plate this week and totally gunned downed Cap'n Jeets at the plate yesterday.  That'll do in a pinch.

Derrek Lee

That .570 OPS is horrible, but he did pick up a few hits this week (although none when it mattered). 

Nick Markakis

Darth Vader finds your lack of faith offense disturbing. 


Felix Pie

Saw a couple of PH opportunites this week, but didn't record a hit.

Mark Reynolds

Just one hit this week (it was a HR) and lots of Ks.  That error yesterday didn't help.

Brian Roberts

Another swell week for B-Rob.  Seven hits and five four RBIs, plus the game-tying double with two outs off of Mariano Rivera.


Luke Scott

OPS now stands at an ominous .666, which is somewhat ironic considering it was Easter Sunday.

Matt Wieters

Better week at the plate.  Totally wrecked Jeter when he tried to tag from third....that deserves an up arrow in and of itself.