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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Britton's record and other impressive Orioles rookie efforts | Roar From 34

Talking 'bout awesome rookies. Did you know Rodrigo Lopez came in second in Rookie of the Year voting in 2002? Followed by Jorge Julio?

Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles: Expectations Normalizing | Bleacher Report

Rich Stowe says "The key to enjoying the season is to temper your emotions and concerns." I say that is a sad, sad way to live your life.

Baltimore Orioles' Zach Britton no ordinary rookie - San Jose Mercury News

AP: Right-hander Lefty (get it right, Associated Press!) becomes first rookie in franchise history to win four games in April.

Finish this sentence: Zach Britton reminds me of ... -

"What pitcher, past or present, would you compare to Zach Britton?"

Lefty Britton does all right -

Don't oversell it, there, Boston Herald.

MLB Playoff Expansion Perfect For Baseball, Orioles | Baltimore Sports Report

Zach Wilt at BSR is in favor of more baseball teams making the playoffs because it'll make things more exciting and make it easier for the Orioles to get there. I think maybe the Orioles should work at being the best team in their division if they want to get to the playoffs, but that's just me. -Stacey

Camden Depot: Thinking about the Duke and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A little more armchair Duchscherer psychology and gastroenterology.

Not So Fast, Nolan Reimold Detractors | Dempsey's Army

Heath throws down. - Stacey 

Schoop hits walk-off homer in 8-7 win | The Daily Times

"The Shorebirds new Rally Banana appeared before the rally in the ninth inning and before the home run by Schoop in the 11th inning." Between this and playing "Sweet Caroline" after the 4th inning each game, I just may have to disown this team. -duck