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Camdencast Episode 3: Small Sample Size

Andrew and I recorded another podcast after last night's game. Although the Orioles won last night, I am still bummed out by the eight-game losing streak and so we spent some time talking about disappointing things this season - at least until Andrew scolded me for being a downer.

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Through iTunes you can manually subscribe to a podcast via the Advanced tab, where there is a Subscribe to Podcast option. Paste in the URL above and click OK and you will download the episodes so far. If you are already subscribing to the podcast you can just right click and tell it to update and you will get the new episode. I will be submitting this podcast to the iTunes store soon, but for now you can get it this way. Please share if you know any more distribution tips, because we are still new at this.

Today's breakdown:

Start-10:30 Mark's top three disappointments: Roberts, Markakis, Gregg

10:30-27:45 Andrew's top three disappointments: Gonzo, Reynolds, Guerrero

27:45-36:00 Stat of the podcast: On-base Percentage

36:00-44:15 Zach Britton, Jake Arrieta, and other young O's pitchers

44:15-54:45 Previewing next series: Chicago White Sox

54:45-End Previewing following series: Kansas City Royals

As always, thanks for all the support and positive comments from previous installments. We'll be back again!