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Friday Bird Droppings

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Gonzalez says Thursday's rough outing was different, encouraging -

Our $6 Million Marlboro Man's ERA is now "a robust 13.50" - making him the best left handed reliever we've got.

Steve Melewski: Is Orioles rotation starting to get on a roll? -

Well, Guts and Britton are.

Check out this audio of Machado's latest homer

"...long-time followers of the Shorebirds say they have never seen a homer hit that far at that park." Official measurements indicate the 18 year Machado's bomb traveled "past the billboards."

Miguel Tejada is the Rock That Keeps Tigers Away - Camden Depot

Dissecting the Verducci effect.

Matusz happy with 35-pitch side session | News

Brian Matusz was very happy after his 35-pitch side session before Thursday's game with the Red Sox, saying it was "a big step forward." -zk

Seattle's Michael Pineda heads superior American League rookies -

SI's Cliff Corcoran rates Britton as his #2 early pick for Rookie of the Year.