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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Good morning, friends.  Everyone get their fill of tea and crumpets yesterday morning?  No?  Surely, I'm not the only royal watcher in the house?  Uh, well, anyways...clips!

Brian Roberts has been playing through a hamstring injury | HardballTalk
Guh.  Dude, be careful.  Your services are needed.

Orioles Insider: Millwood, Simon, Andino, Wieters, Arrieta - Baltimore Orioles The once and future mentor?  An imminent return from Alfredo Simon? Y'know?  I'm starting to miss the guy.

Flashback Friday: Putting the "O" in Royal for Queen Elizabeth | Roar From 34 In your face, Ludwig!

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Vintage Fridays: Luis Aparicio, 1966 Topps #90 Exploring a non Kittle-based O's/Sox connection.

Expanding baseball’s postseason would give hope to teams like the Nationals, Orioles - The Washington Post
Count the Boz in the "pro" camp.

Does Roberto Alomar belong in the Hall of Fame? Sort of well-worn turf, here, but what the Hell?  I'm still remembering the awkward shots of Robby in the owners box on the big screen at OPACY during the awful game last Saturday.

Jonathan Schoop Scouting Report
Video on Schoop (that's "scope" not "shoop", apparently).

April 30 - BR Bullpen Boogie with Stu.