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Game 25: Orioles (11-13) @ White Sox (10-17), 7:10pm ET

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Coming off a game where the Orioles notched ten hits and six walks, one can only hope that they didn't exceed their quota of offense for the series in a single game. Actually, both times previously this season where the O's scored 9+ runs they were also victorious the next day. Nothing says baseball season like quoting statistics that coincidentally correlate and are probably totally meaningless.

Still, they will be hard pressed to continue the offensive onslaught against White Sox starter Philip Humber. The former Mets prospect has been on the scrap heap for a couple of seasons. On the podcast, Andrew described him as another pitcher the White Sox picked up, taught a cutter and threw out there to see what happened. He's off to a decent start so far, including his last game, where he held New York to one hit and no runs over seven innings.

Chris Tillman makes his first start for the Orioles since April 18. Which Tillman will we get today? The good one would be nice, but I somehow always expect the bad one. He'll have to work with Jake Fox at catcher, whose previous starts at that position have not been particularly heralded. Actually, his starts anywhere aren't particularly heralded, because he has a track record of not being a good baseball player, but who's counting? Well, I guess I'm counting, and that's why I know he swings at 43% of pitches out of the strike zone (OK, Fangraphs told me that) - which is second on the team to only Vlad (52.5%). Third place is Adam Jones (41%), which depresses me so I won't say any more about it.

With a day game tomorrow, you knew Matt Wieters was getting one of these two games off, and it seems the Orioles would prefer to have Wieters catching for Britton.

This is the second game of a suspension for White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, who received the two-game vacation for tweeting during a game after having been ejected. On last night's MASN telecast, Gary Thorne relayed this information, then proclaimed that everyone who tweets is worthy of a suspension. Come on, Gary... it's 2011. Get with the program!