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Wednesday Bird Droppings

What's real and what's not from the first five days of the season? - ESPN
Jayson Stark has reserved a business class seat on the Orioles bandwagon.

Are The Orioles Pitchers This Good? | Camden Crazies
"In a word... no." Wind, knocked out of sails. With numbers.

Random Thoughts About the Oriole Winning Streak - Dempsey's Army
What's behind the hot streak from Brian and Nick? Lineup protection, chance, historical precedent, science, voodoo?

Orioles' center fielder Adam Jones is growing up, calming down |
It's great that he's maturing, but he should probably start hitting, too.

Camden Depot: Keith Law Mentions Possible O's Draft Targets
A look at some the college talent Orioles officials could be considering.

Roar from 34: Life lessons for a baseball fan
Opening Day wisdom for the next generation of O's fans.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The 32 Best Players in Baseball for 2011
Joe lists his 32 best players in MLB. Not an Oriole to found. What about the great JoePos NOW, Stacey? Hmm? -duck (I'm supposed to think less of him because he doesn't think there is an Oriole who is one of the 32 best players in baseball? That's a reach, dude.)

Lure of the game proved too strong for Mark Connor to ignore -
A profile on Buck's wingman, Goose.

Orioles Cartoon Birds Logo (kind of) Returns | Baltimore Sports Report
A small step for haberdashery, a giant step for O's fans.