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Camdencast Episode 2: The Orange Kool-Aid

Andrew and I recorded another podcast before the game last night, and even though the Orioles ended up losing the game, we're still consuming the Orange Kool-Aid.

You can now subscribe to this podcast using iTunes or your own preferred program with the following feed:

You can also listen to the podcast through your browser or download it to your hard drive manually with this link. (mp3 file, roughly 55 MB in size)

Through iTunes, you manually subscribe to a podcast via the Advanced tab, where there is a Subscribe to Podcast option. Paste in the URL above and click OK you will automatically download both of the episodes so far. Once we have a little more of a body of work the podcast will be available through the iTunes store, but for now you can still follow us this way. Please share if you know any more distribution tips, because we are still new at this.

Today's breakdown:

0:00-1:15 Intro and preferred method of consuming Orange Kool-Aid

1:15-15:15 Breaking down the Rays series

15:15-21:00 Home Opening Day memories

21:00-32:45 Andrew laments a lack of Mike Mussina in his Orioles life

32:45-43:45 Zach Britton, service time, and young Orioles pitching generally

43:45-52:00 Previewing next series: Texas Rangers

52:00-59:30 Previewing following series: New York Yankees


We talk some in the last segment about the Yankees rotation and who the Orioles will end up facing, but I forgot to consider an off day for the Yankees next Monday. The O's will actually face Burnett, Hughes and Nova. Also, I regret that I made it through the whole podcast without getting to use my joke about Sidney Ponson throwing out the ceremonial first punch.


Thanks for all the support and positive comments from the first episode. We'll be back again!