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Saturday Bird Droppings

Good morning, friends.  Not much in the news today so chat it up...uh, seriously though: Brian Roberts hospitalized, J.J. Hardy and Jeremy Guthrie on the mend, another procedure for the Duke and the front office continues to perpetrate one of the most elaborate hoaxes in the history of modern baseball.  Discuss.

School of Roch: Hardy and Guthrie speak (with game update) Roch's got some words from Hardy and Guts.  Possible we see either or both this weekend?

Patton on his way to Baltimore When I hear Troy Patton is in Baltimore, but hasn't been activated, I have an image of him wandering around the Warehouse, like Spinal Tap in Cleveland.

Weaver's Tantrum: Ouch, My Hip...Back...Bicep...Elbow... A survey of the life, times and injuries of Justin Duchscherer.

Camden Depot: Is Chris Tillman Injured or just a Taun Taun? Asking questions and digging into the pitch f/x data on Tillman.

Manny Ramirez by the numbers | HardballTalk Manny.  Done. Impressive numbers, but will they overcome the taint of PED-related suspension?

Braves, Red Sox committing errors in lineup construction - Joe Sheehan - Another delightful romp on lineup construction.

Dirk Hayhurst " Blog Archive " Japan Paging Andrew_G...wanna chat with Mr. Garfoose?

April 9 - BR Bullpen Lots of birdly goodness in today's baseball history roundup including the first triple play in opening day history.

Happy birthday to Dennis "Surfarty" Sarfate...and, I guess, to Adam Loewen, too.