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Caption Contest: Win a Vladimir Guerrero t-shirt!

What exactly is going on here?
What exactly is going on here?

Have you seen the new design for this year's t-shirt giveaways? The back remains the same with the name and number of a player (tonight's giveaway is Vlad Guerrero), and the front says "Property of Baltimore Orioles" and has the cartoon bird swinging a bat. The Orioles gave me one of these shirts yesterday and I intend to pass it on to one of you fine people. All you have to do is leave your caption for the above photo in the comments. The contest will close tonight whenever the game ends, at which time I'll pick my three favorites and create a poll to run tomorrow. Whichever caption has the most votes by Sunday night (I'll be out of town all weekend so I'll close the poll when I get home) wins the shirt.

Please rec any captions you're particularly fond of! If you don't want to participate, you can also get this shirt free at tonight's O's game.