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Saturday Bird Droppings

The 13 point plan to destroy Jeremy Guthrie continues.

Steve Melewski: Quick thoughts & notes on the Orioles' shutout loss against Tampa Have I told you that Steve Melewski loves numbers? He does. I have proof.

School of Roch: Showalter: "We've got to figure it out" Buck on the video.  Roch on the e-lectric quotator.

Prospect Three Day Weekend I've really just included this for the Manny Machado mention and for the discouraging words on Tyler Matzek.  Take heed, Hobgood haters.

Luke Scott: Maxim magazine includes Orioles outfielder on its 'dumbest dumb-asses' list When Maxim is calling you out for being dumb, better review your life decisions.  Yes. I admit this stuff is getting old.

Baseball Ring Still Missing From Museum - Local News - Baltimore, MD -
This is sad.  You're better than this, people!

Orioles notebook: Starter Brian Matusz is trying to keep his emotions in control as his return to live games nears
Also, while Zach Britton was being brilliant Thursday night, his older brother was taking names in Frederick. The Frederick game finished first, so Buck Britton texted his little brother first with this message: "Nice outing. But I had five RBIs." -zk

Buck Showalter: From minor league player to big league manager
A 5-minute "video blog" in which Buck discusses his evolution from minor league player to major league manager. Or maybe it's a video blip. Or a twock. -zk

On another note, CC birthday wishes to Tyler Townsend.  If you've been following dfa's minor league wrap ups, you'd know he's tearing up the Carolina League.  If you haven't been following said wrap ups, START!