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Monday Bird Droppings

It is Monday morning and my browser crashed literally 4 times while I was trying to put these clips together. The things I do for you people... - 2632

Steve Melewski: The Rays are a good organization to emulate - MASN
Question is, which version of the Rays are we emulating? Pre or post 2008?

This week in chat - Dempsey's Army
He reads the chats so you don't have to.

Orioles starters Zach Britton, Chris Tillman gearing up to make first starts at Fenway Park -
"I heard it is pretty old," said Zach Britton. Really.

Orioles Head To Haunted Hotel on Friday the 13th - Baltimore Sports Report
So it's confirmed, then. The Orioles were possessed this weekend.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Tampa Bay Rays - ESPN
Did you, like me, miss the sweet JJ Hardy grand slam yesterday? Well, you can watch it here. 

Orioles-Red Sox Preview - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
The last time the O's saw the Red Sox, they took two of three and sent the Red Sox into a brief tailspin. Let's do it again!

Former Enka High School pitcher rising through Baltimore Orioles' system | The Asheville Citizen-Times
A feel-good story on Cole McCurry in his hometown newspaper. 

Pineda faces competition | The Olympian
A look at early Rookie of the Year candidates, including Zach Britton.

"Everything in My Life Sucks Right Now." | FanGraphs Baseball
Thoughts on John Lackey's tough place in life right now.